Need Swap on Sunrise Tabs

We would like to reorganize the tabs that are available across the home screen in Sunrise UI in order to include the most relevant ones for the Mylan teams. For example, VInsights is available on the Home screen but My Schedule is not. These are two we would like to swap.


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    Erta Muca Official comment

    Hi all,

    Thank you for the post! Veeva is considering the Sunrise tabs re-ordering feature as a future enhancement. We do not have a target release date yet but once it is scheduled for a release, we will provide more information.



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    Norman Gerber

    I agree, would be really helpful to be able to reorder the tabs so that the most important ones are accessible without using the 'more' button.

    I believe the favorites are different between companies.

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    Alfred Bonatz

    Same here, at Grünenthal. We will appreciate if Veeva can accomodate this request.

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