Replacing PI names and editing Binder Names

I have created Binder names with auto-naming function , where Site binders has PI names in it. My question is two part 

(1) if I am replacing PI , ideal way to do it is to "remove' old PI name and just type in new PI name ??  this gets stored into Audit Trail data, right ? is this acceptable way to do it ?  (by editing site details )

(2) is there way to create another study site binder for same Site ? with Different PI name ? or should change the way BINDERs are auto-named ? just trying to figure out if I need to create NEW binder for NEW PI for that site ? or how to edit current binder name to align with new PI name 


.....also ... in terms of filing documents related to old PI , is that still usual upload process and documents do get auto-filed into binders as they have been ?

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    Todd Tullis Official comment

    Hello Chirag - sorry this one seems to have slipped through for a while without attention.

    (1) If you are using auto-naming, you should indeed replace the value in the PI Name field with the name of the new PI for the study site. This will result in the binder name being updated to reflect the new PI Name.

    (2)You do not need to create a new binder when a PI changes at a study site. There can only be one Site Master File binder per study site. 


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