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Send As Link for Binders (to external users)




  • Adam McMillan

    Hello Geert, thanks for reaching out.

    What is your use case here, if you don't mind me asking? If we allowed what you were suggesting, this could be very open for misuse, by adding large quantities of documents to binders, and then sharing with users, without requiring them to ever be vault users. This kind of mass sharing to external users may not fall within our terms of use.

  • Geert Jilesen

    Hi Adam,

    Within our company, not all employees use Vault RIM.

    Sometimes certain employees need information from our Vault RIM implementation.

    Sending them a link to a binder would be very helpfull.

    If this could be made a configurable item, then companies can decide for themselves how and if they want to use it.

    I agree that there could be concerns about misuse. Maybe add a feature that links can only be sent to configurable domain names?


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