CRM - My Accounts - Scheduler should be able to save calls on Saturday


we understand that the behaivior what is a workingday and what not is depending on the "Locale" setting. (https://support.veeva.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000098013-Why-Scheduled-Calls-Cannot-Be-Saved-on-Weekend-from-CRM-My-Accounts-?source=search)

But in lot of Russian speaking countries (Kazhachstan, Uzbekistan,...) sometimes public holidays are moved somewhere on other days in order to fill window days (Example: Thursday - public holiday, Friday working day -> in such a case sometimes other public holidays are moved to Friday in order to have 4 days of in one block). To substitue this the Saturday in the week before is often a normal working day. But this is of course an exception. 

It would be great to have a Veeva Seeting saying  - "Ignor weekends on Scheduler" in order to be able to use this feature also on weekends.





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