Effective Date for R&U compliance of a Vault User report

R&U compliance of a Vault user is a report in QualityDocs which gives a training report of a particular user. If there are multiple revisions of a particular document, the effective date for all revisions is that of the latest revision. Eg MBR-0001, Rev 1.0 to Rev 4.0 all will have effective date of Rev 4.0. Also if a document is undergoing a revision then there is no effective date of the latest steady state. 


Improvement suggestion - Have effective dates of all major versions so that training assignment and training completed dates are accurate. Also have effective dates even when documents are undergoing revision



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    Graham G

    Hi Diti - thanks for letting us know this enhancement would be helpful to you. I will discuss this with our Quality team and keep it mind for future releases.

    Regards, Graham

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