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We translated a Product Type of a Product from "Promotional" to "Promotional Request" using translation workbench of salesforce. It is working online but in iRep/Sunrise. It is not. Are there any additional configuration needed?


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    Mariana Tabacow


    How is Veeva Message " PROMOTIONAL_ITEMS" translated?

    This Veeva message is responsible for translating ----> Section header for Items of Value when using Group By Product view.

    Do you have a picture of this behavior?



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    VECTOR Team


    These are the picklist values from Product_Type_vod__c picklist field from Product Catalog: 

    We translated the standard Veeva Picklist Value "Promotional" to "Promotional Items Distributed" and "Non Promotional Item" to "Non-Promotional Items Distributed" using Salesforce Translation Workbench. 

    It appears fine online when recording a call and see the translated Product Type in Call Samples Section. 


    But Offline, only Non-Pormotional Item was translated. Promotional Item which is a standard Veeva Picklist Value remains the same OFFLINE. DO we need additional configuration?


    Thank you.

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