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PromoMats adoption reports




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    Manaphan Huntrakoon

    Hi Sandrine,

    Those are a good start.  I would also recommend creating some reports that provide you better insight into the following:

    • Localized Content:  this would be a report that shows all copied content and the version of the master in which the local copy was made.  You should also consider utilizing the Reason for Copy field (released in 18R2) which allows you to track the reasons why content is being copied.  This report will help you understand how much of your content is being reused.
    • Document Usage:  this is a report that gives you insight into what steady state content is being accessed most often.  For example, if you want to understand what document types are the most popular and their trend over time, you can obtain this insight by building a report on Document Usage.  If you have Brand Portals, you can measure Brand Portal adoption by tracking Brand Portal activity separate from normal user activity through Vault.  When 18R3 is released, you will also be able to bring in document metadata into document usage reports, which will make document usage reporting much more powerful.
    • Average Task and Workflow Duration by Role and Country:  as the name of the report suggests, this will provide you insight into the average time for approval and average time to complete tasks by role and country.  This may help you identify potential bottlenecks and where you can optimize resourcing and planning.
  • Sandrine Alimeck

    Hi Manaphan,

    Thank you for your feedback. Indeed those reports could be very interesting.

    Kindest regards,



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