Using ##accFname## in customText field


I've had a request of a client, who wanted to use the ##accFname## inside a {{customText(255|) field.

I've tried it in our sanndbox and i was happely surprised it worked.

{{customtext(255| Hey ##accFname## , )}}  but then i noticed it also broke the preview mode.

So i'd like to point this out to your attention, so you can hopefully come to a solution.

Kind regards,


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    Nishant Bafna Official comment

    Hi Frederic,

    We do not support merge tokens inside a free text (or rich text) token. You can have merge tokens only inside a picklist.

    Merge tokens inside a free text token, which is how you have your sandbox configured, is an unsupported configuration. I would recommend you to ask the client to have merge tokens only in a picklist.


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