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Placeholder - Language Field




  • Adam McMillan

    Hello Nehal, thanks for reaching out.

    The reason the language field is not populated in the first place is (as you've mentioned) there is no file, and therefore no text to analyze and work out the language. However, I totally get your point about later adding a file. That has its own challenges, because you wouldn't want vault to override a value automatically.

    I think this could come down to handling a couple of "if blank" cases.

    1. If no document language is determined from the uploaded file (or if creating a placeholder), allow admin to set a default, fallback language value (if no default set, will remain blank)
    2. If a file is uploaded to a placeholder, and if the language field is blank, calculate the language field at that time

    Do you think something like that would solve your current issues?

  • Nehal Patel

    Hi Adam, 

    yes, the suggestions you have put forward would solve the current challenge. Will you log an enhance request? If yes, could you provide the number as we keep track of the enhancements put forward with our service success manager (Renee).



  • Nehal Patel

    Any further updates on this Adam?


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