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Is there a way to retrieve the file meta fields e.g - file_meta_duration__v through API, potentially VQL?

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    John Tanner Official comment


    A list of all the available fields can be found using the API - https://developer.veevavault.com/api/18.3/#retrieve-all-document-fields

    It's then possible to construct a VQL query to return all of the desired fields, providing the "queryable" is set to true for each field.

    The VQL API call would be a GET and would look something like: 

    https://{{your_vault_server}}/api/v18.3/query?q=SELECT id, name__v, status__v, source_owner__v FROM documents

    In this example the desired fields would be "id", "name__v", "status__v" and "source_owner__v"





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