View or Reporting on "Where Used"

It would be helpful if we could view the "Where Used" information on a document as a viewable column in the tabular library display or as a field that could be selected for inclusion in Reports. This would allow an overview of which documents have been put in submission binders instead of having to access each individual document.


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    Graham G

    Hi Kirsten - thanks for your suggestion. Are Binder with Document or Content Plan with Document reports able to help? 

    Thanks, Graham

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    Kirsten Moe

    Hi Graham. Binder with Document report is great if you are looking at the binder (or content plan) and want to know details about the documents already linked to it, but doesn't help in the reverse direction where you may want to look at all documents matching certain filter parameters and see what binders or content plans they are linked into. 

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    Graham G

    That makes sense - thanks Kirsten. We have a feature currently targeted for 19R2 that will allow you to build a Document with Binder report. This should provide you with the details for all relevant documents as well as related binders.

    Thanks again for the feedback, Graham 

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    Pranil Kamble

    Hi Graham,

    Do we have any option of reporting on 'where used' of the document?


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