Approved email - dropped status

According to the CRM documentation, whenever an email has a dropped status record, the email engine does not attempt to send to that email again.

My question is, if the engine will never send to that email again (even if was a temporary server down issue on the recipients part), can we reset the flag somehow so that emails can be sent to that email address again?


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    Nishant Bafna Official comment

    Hi Allen,

    Yes, it is possible to send emails again to that dropped email address. You need to follow these steps - 

    1. Delete the Multichannel_Consent_vod record for that email address with Opt_Type_vod = Opt_out
    2. Log a case with Veeva Support to remove the impacted email address
    3. Mention the email address and the email domain that was used to send the emails
    4. We will remove it from our 'Do not retry' list
    5. Once confirmed, you can resend emails to that email address



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    Janice Fernandes

    Is there a way to have a resend button in future? This will remove the burden mentioned above and our users can easily resend emails instantly. 

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    Nishant Bafna

    Hi Janice,

    Currently we do not have a resend button, we do have it on our roadmap though. I will update you once I know the release it will be targeted for.

    You would have to perform the steps mentioned in the previous comment irrespective of the 'resend button', as only then will the email address be removed from our suppression list.



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