Enhanced Checkout Applet Certificate Expiration

I've already submitted a support ticket about this, but I'm curious if other customers are experiencing issues with the Enhanced Checkout applet being blocked by Java security this morning due to the certificate having expired last night.  I'm not sure if this is something that's controlled at the application level or if our company's PCs have a cached, expired copy of the applet on their machines.  I must admit that Java security and applets are a bit out of my wheelhouse, so I'm looking to see if this is isolated to me or not.  Thanks in advance for your perspectives.



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    Aaron E Official comment

    Hello Kevin,

    There have been other reports of this issue with the out of date certificate. Our team is working on a maintenance release to restore the functionality.


    Vault File Manager is a possible temporary workaround. 







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    Kevin O'Brien

    Thanks for the update Aaron.  Looking forward to the maintenance release details.  Transitioning to Vault File Manager is our ultimate goal, but our IdP (ADFS) is not supported until the 18R3 release.  Once that's available, we'll have time to try it out, work with our desktop teams to make sure it works well with our supported OS images, train our users, etc.  So that's more of a longer-term strategy than something we can throw out there as a short-term fix for the cert issue.


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