When is an AOC (Acknowledgement of content) record created?

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When is an AOC record created? We are configuring BRC controlled substances. When a Sample Order Transaction is created and the status is changed to Delivered, is the AOC record created automatically? I couldn't see any relationship between those two objects. How does AOC works in VEEVA? It is great if an AOC record is created when Sample order transaction is updated to Delivered.

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    David B Official comment

    Once the product is shipped, this information is loaded into Veeva CRM to initiate the AOC Process. Your 3rd party system would have to create these AOC records.  When creating AOC records in Veeva CRM, the following fields are required to be populated based on the initiating Call record:

    Content Acknowledgement (header) records:

    • Account
    • Call Reference
    • Call Text
    • Credentials
    • Owner
    • Ship Address
    • Ship Address Line 1
    • Ship Address Line 2
    • Ship ASSMCA #
    • Ship CDS #
    • Ship City
    • Ship Country
    • Ship DEA #
    • Ship License #
    • Ship State
    • Ship Zip
    • Ship Zip 4

    Content Acknowledgement Item (line item) records:

    • AOC (references parent header record)
    • Account
    • Distributor
    • Lot #
    • Manufacturer
    • Product
    • Product Name
    • U/M

    Additionally, the following fields are required based on the shipment information of the fulfillment facility:

    Content Acknowledgement records:

    • Order Id
    • Ship Date
    • Status (should be set to Shipped_vod)

    Content Acknowledgement Item records:

    • Ship Quantity
    • Tracking #

    Optionally, Delivery information can be tracked in addition to Shipment information. If Delivery information is available, the Delivery Date field can be populated and the Status field can be updated from Shipped_vod to Delivered_vod. Additionally, the AOC Due Date field can be modified to be based on the Delivery Date if this information is available.

    If desired, an External Id can also be maintained on both Content Acknowledgment and Content Acknowledgement Item.

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