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Difference between Links and Anchors




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    Jim McGough

    Excellent summary, Chantal. To clarify, brought forward anchors (if enabled and selected) follow the same rules for placement versus page-level as other annotations. They must be text-select, and the selected text must be unique within the page or document.

    Here's some additional info and terminology clarification:

    • Link annotations are (blue) annotations that link to specific versions of other documents, and typically to specific content (defined by anchor annotations) within that other document.
    • Anchor annotations are (grey) annotations that have inbound links from specific versions of other documents, typically from link annotations within that other document.
    • Both link and anchor annotations can have two kinds of placemarks (selected areas within the document): text and image/area.

    People tend to refer to the placement of an annotation (typically a text decoration) as its "anchor", which is understandable but has led to some confusion. That is why we coined the word placemark to describe an annotation's placement on content.

  • Chantal R

    Hello Sandrine,

    Document links are referenced documents that are associated relationships to the source document. The anchor is the specified highlighted text or placement in a linked document. (Help Document Linking Documentation:

    If selected, the anchors will be brought forward when bringing forward annotations. However, if edits are made to the document, the anchors may be brought forward at page level. 

    (Bringing Forward Anchors Documentation:

    Kind regards,


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