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I need ability to view all notifications sent from my Vault, regardless of the user to whom they're sent. Document status notifications (upload/approval/expiration) are a critical issue in my Vault and I need access to oversee it. This could be a general "All notifications" screen accessible to admins, or I could provide an email address to be automatically cc'ed on all notifications sent from Vault. Minimally, it would be helpful to have this data noted in a document's audit trail - when a notification was sent and to what users it was sent.

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    Adam McMillan

    Hello Marisa

    I wonder if setting up the right Flash Reports would be a better way to consume this information? What kind of notifications and updates are you most concerned with? Things like documents being approved, coming up for expiry, being superseded, etc?

    I can appreciate the desire to get the full list of notifications (not something we provide today) and trawl through it in the way you need, but I think you'd immediately start needing filtering mechanisms and such. Instead, it'd be good to know a few use cases, and see if we can guide you through setting up some reports instead (and these can be sent to your email on a regular basis too!)

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