Smart execution of scheduled alignment processes

Hi Team,

Currently it is possible to schedule for the Align-CRM alignment processes in Align to be automatically executed at a predefined Start Time.

In a multi country org, these jobs need to be separately scheduled for each country (read: highest level territory) with estimated Start Times, keeping in consideration that the previous job should end before the start of the next job. As such, some time gets wasted between the end of previous job and start of the next job, during which the alignment engine sits idle.

Can this sequential execution be made smarter through ordering i.e. we can define 5 processes to be run in a certain order, specifying the scheduled Start Time of the first job only. As soon as the first job ends, the second job defined in the order, will resume automatically and immediately. It will continue till the last job defined in the order has been processed. This is particularly beneficial for multi-country setup, and alignment for more countries can be completed in lesser time.




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    Dan Kallman Official comment

    Hi Dipayan,

    Thank you for the suggestion. As you mention, we can see how this would be useful in a multi-country environment. We will consider this enhancement for a future release.



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