Cross Study Document Reporting


Our Vault allows the possibility to file a single document across multiple studies. This is a great feature but limits my reporting/dashboard functionality. Is it possible to create a report that details single studies only? Many of my reports look like below. I'd really like to see data at the  individual study level (Study A only, Study B only, Study C only). Is there a conditional field or filter that would help eliminate multiple study reporting?

Study A - 45 Documents

Study B - 24 Documents

Study C - 15 Documents

Study A, Study B - 23 Documents

Study A, Study C - 5 Documents 

Study B, Study C - 1 Document 


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    Graham G

    Hi Brandon - a Study with Document report will break out documents by single studies. Let me know if that helps or if you encounter any issues.

    Thanks, Graham

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    Brandon Butler

    Thank you so much Graham! I've asked this question several times to Managed Services over the years with no luck. This is perfect.

    Thanks again!


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