Engage default off video setting

We are just starting to use Engage and have found that most of our users do not like that the video feature defaults to being on.  I would like to suggest that a way to change this default setting (ideally globally as the admin and individually as the user) is added to make this more user friendly.


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    Michael Goulart Official comment

    Hi Darran,

    Thank you for posing in the CRM Product Suggestions Community.  Can I confirm that when you mention "our users", you are referring to your CRM users who are hosing the meeting, as opposed to your customer attendees who are joining it?

    If it is indeed your CRM users, we have heard this request and are thinking through future features where this may be an admin setting or a preference of the individual CRM user.  We have not designed or built anything yet, so there is no timeline at this point.

    In the meantime, we do suggest training to ensure the CRM users are aware of this behavior.



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