Vault PromoMats - DAM

Need more information around Vault PromoMats - DAM. Is this a different capability than the InDesign Auto-Linking?

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    Kevin Liggett


    All DAM features are included in Vault PromoMats (also in MedComms as well).  The term "Vault PromoMats - DAM" has been retired as we decided to include all of our DAM (Digital Asset Management) functionality in our PromoMats and MedComms vaults.

    This functionality includes many capabilities, including InDesign Auto-Linking which are all features that are available with PromoMats and MedComms.  A few other DAM features included are: Metadata extract, Brand/Medical Portals & Editor, Librarian roles and workflow, Component document types and relationships, Digital Publishing, and many other features are applicable to our DAM capabilities.

    Kevin Liggett - Senior Product Manager - Commercial Vault - DAM


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