Can Status of related document be changed based on state of document

we can successfully set value of a field of related documents based on value of field on document it is related to. Can we, in the same way, set the status of related document based on status of document it is related to?



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    Adam McMillan

    Hello, thanks for reaching out!

    While there is no SDK state change ability, or doc lifecycle entry action, there is one other way you can do this, through Job Operations. Jobs are scheduled tasks that you can configure in Admin to run on a regular basis, to send out notifications, or perform state changes on documents.

    The configuration can be a little complex, but basically you're telling the job:

    • If a document I'm related to is in State X,
    • and the value in Date Field Y is on/before today's date (when the job runs),
    • then change my State to Z

    An example of this is above, but another could be:

    • Document A is related to Document B in a Linked Documents relationship (Doc B is a medical reference for Doc A)
    • Doc B expires, and has its Expiration Date set to 13 Dec 2018
    • Tomorrow, when my auto-expiry job runs, it'll see that Doc B is in the Expired state, and its Expiration Date is before 14 Dec 2018
    • So it'll find docs that are related to Document B via the Linked Documents relationship, and change their state to Expired as well (or whatever state you have configured)


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    Siddharth Cheemakurthy

    Thanks for the information.

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