Submissions Archive - content preview pane in Tree View

Many eCTD viewers allow users to preview the selected content from within the tree navigation view before opening the file. Can we get the same functionality within the Vault Archive Viewer?



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    Rolando Sa Official comment

    Hello Patty,


    Thank you for posting this enhancement request.

    Allowing a user to maintain the outline open as they traverse submission documents is something that's been requested by other customers as well. We are planning to make enhancements to the user's experience in the Viewer as part of our releases in 2019 and are taking this into consideration.



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    Ryan Hernandez

    Thanks for posting Patty. Adding this functionality would be a great enhancement. 

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    David Knauss

    I totally agree!

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    Robert Pers

    This would really help with adoption of SA and a big step in getting away from having multiple reviewing tools. This feature is desperately needed.

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