Vertical Alignment of CLM Slides

Hi Team.

Currently CLM Slides are appearing in both Horizontal and vertical orientation if we add 'Rotation_Lock_vod' in 'Disable_Actions_vod__c' picklist field. but it will not keep the slide in vertical view once the user tilts Ipad. We need to view slides in vertical view alone. 

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    Yifan Liu Official comment


    Thanks for the feedback. 

    Portrait mode (vertical view) is currently limited to PDF's only. Can you provide an example and use case of why you'd like to lock the slide in portrait mode, since all other content types will still be in landscape mode? We felt that it would not be a great experience to have content load automatically in portrait mode since the rest of the CRM app is always in landscape mode and it would be a lot of going back and forth between the 2 views. 



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