Saved Word Online Versions

When updating a document using word online checkout, where do the automatically saved changes get stored?  A user's computer crashed and they were not able to check in the changes made in word online to Vault.


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    Aaron E Official comment

    Hello Victoria,

    If you aren't being prompted to recover unsaved documents when you reopen Word, and you also have Word installed on your computer you can try:

    1. Opening the last version of the file you have.
    2. Selecting in Office 365, File >> Info >> Edit in Word.
    3. Then in your local Word Application, File >> Info >> Manage Document >> Recover Unsaved Documents.



    Kind regards,


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    Lucas C

    Hi Victoria

    Source file stored in the Vault and the cache version stored in Microsoft server. Please find below article and check with Microsoft.





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    Victoria Metzger

    Thank you.  I should rephrase my question.  Where does one go to retrieve the cached versions stored in the Microsoft Server? Does some sort of location need to be set up for where the saved files should go? The Microsoft forums say, Word Online autosaved documents are saved to OneDrive, however, I don't see any versions of the documents checked out to WordOnline through Veeva there.  

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