Make a Copy option from the action menu to copy fields set as “Read only” or “Hidden”

We have a lot of documents being created by end users/CRO user using the “Make a Copy” option from the action menu. However there is a field set to Read-only in the Security Section on the field, which not copying the data from the initial document to the new document created using the “Make a Copy” option.

This is causing issues as document field metadata for the field set to Read-only is not copying and set to blank.

It would be great to see “Make a Copy” option from the action menu in eTMF to copy the field set as Read only or hidden.

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    Adam McMillan

    Thank you for this feedback; we have had a number of requests around defaulting and copying values when the user in question has Read Only or Hidden access to a field. We plan on addressing all of these at once, and this feedback provides me with another use case.

    I'm going to follow up on this with my team, because I understand that this is affecting your document security. Please also reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Services team to see if they have any good ideas in the meantime. 

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