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    Igor Tsives

    Hello Raphael,

    Ability to use VQL to query for roles is on our roadmap and being considered for one of our future releases. Currently, the only way to fetch roles is by calling individual Roles API ( 

    Thank you,

    Igor Tsives

  • Raphael Goubet

    Just to add some clarification to justify the need: I appreciate that the information can be obtained in the API using the /objects/documents endpoint. However, the point of using VQL is to standardize information retrieval from a single endpoint and for any number of document. With VQL, a single endpoint needs to be set up to retrieve documents, objects, workflows, users, etc., and multiple records can be obtained in one query. With the API, a different endpoint must be set up for each, and an API call must be made of each record, which is very inefficient in the context of information retrieval.

  • Shawn Heuchan

    We also have a need for document owner to be queryable in vql.

  • Sameer Mehta

    Hi Shawn Heuchan, the ability to query document owner and other roles is in our roadmap being considered for one of our future releases. For the time being, I would recommend using the Retrieve Roles API:


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