CRM - CLM: Search buttom in training section

In Veeva-CRM media bibliothek there is a seach-function for CLM content. This feature/buttom is not available in the Training-Section of CLM-Media Player / Media-Bibliothek. As we do have many training-materials, we do need the same search-functionalities also in this area of CLM-content.


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    Leticia Gutierrez Official comment

    Dear Jan-Marcel

    Thanks for your feedback.

    CLM Training Presentations search is restricted by design. 

    Search in Sunrise is a global search, meaning the search is not limited to a specific view (CLM Presentations, My Presentations, Favorites, Recents, Training): the search gives back all CLM Presentations which match the search criteria.
    We've therefore restricted training presentations from the search, in order to prevent the end user finding a training presentation and trying to use it on a call.
    Best practice is for end users to make use of the filtering options we provide in the Training view, where they may edit and create new labels and apply them to narrow down results in this view.
    With kind regards,
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    Jan-Marcel Kolbe

    Dear Leticia, thx for your prompt feedback. I understand your rational behind, I'll discuss this with one of our key-user and try out the same with one - let's say - not so technical native one. - I'll bring an update within the next 2 weeks how feedback of those user was.

    As I understood the new label-functionality is user AND device based; it's not possible to pre-load by headquarter and share from device-to-device in case of hardware-updates, so users need to re-do work they already have performed?!

    Is there a topic in the Roadmap for either label(preload by HQ) or search(only in Tab "Training" or only in "Recents") which will support enhancement in the CLM/Training section?


    Cheers, Jan

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    Leticia Gutierrez

    Dear Jan-Marcel,

    You're correct in that custom labels store locally on the device and do not upload to Veeva CRM. Labels are kept when refreshing the database or upgrading Veeva CRM, but delete if Veeva CRM is uninstalled.

    Please let us know feedback from the end users once they've tried the new filtering options, for us to evaluate future enhancement candidates.

    Thanks and kind regards, 


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