Transfer Word file properties to PDF viewable rendition

For some documents (product information and other annexes) EMA has specific requirements for the PDF version, being:
 PDF needs to have the correct file properties (EMA guideline on PDF versions for PI and other annexes).

Our preference is to add file properties in MS Word (method 2 in the guideline) as these will then be maintained for each subsequent revision of the documents. However if we upload the word document to Veeva and subsequently download the viewable rendition/export the binder, the file properties are not transferred to the PDF version.

So, the suggestion is to have the file properties in Word being transferred to PDF when the viewable rendition is created.


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    Rolando Sa Official comment

    Hello Sandro and Kirsten,

    Thank you for posting, we will take this into consideration for a future release.

    Best regards,


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    Kirsten Moe

    UCB would also be interested in this functionality.

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