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Hi Team,

I have created one Maven Project to implement DoumentAction for some of the Use Case. I have Added below dependencies in the pom file. When I Update the project, deploy-vpk and javasdk folders are not getting created. Could you please correct me, what is the wrong. Also please help in updating .VPK file after updating the code.



<vault.sdk.version>[18.3.0-release0, 18.3.0-release1000000]</vault.sdk.version>




<!-- Public repo for released versions 18R1.2 and above -->





































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    Kevin N

    Hi Mithun,

    The deploy-vpk folder is specifically for our sample code project - it is not generated automatically and does not need to be generated. You can place your packaged VPKs where ever you want.

    The javasdk is also not automatically generated. You have to create the javasdk folder and then manually move your maven src directory into it. You can find these details at https://developer.veevavault.com/sdk/#developing-code.

    As for your question about deploying code, you can find how to package and deploy VPK at https://developer.veevavault.com/sdk/#deploying-code. Anytime you modify your code, you will need to repackage it (recreate the VPK file) to deploy the latest version.




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