Reports cutting-off Object field data

Object reports cut-off data contained within the Object's fields if there are too many characters. This only appears to happen to Object fields where the blue "show more" link is available to read the full text (seen from QMS/object record page).

Is there any way to pull an Object report containing the full text in every field? This is currently a problem.


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    Aaron E Official comment

    Hello Isabelle,


    The "show more", link indicates a long text field that can contain up to 32,000 characters.

     Reports do restrict long text fields to the first 250 characters due to design limits, the same as Vault shows before "show more" is clicked.

    Formatted Outputs and Vault Loader exports are two options which do show the entire entry for long text fields.

    Vault Loader Documentation: Vault Loader Exports

    Vault Formatted Outputs Documentation: Formatted Output Templates


    Kind regards,



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    Isabelle Kapik

    This appears to happen only when the field's data type is Long Text (32,000).

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