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Hi Folks,

I am having a problem with reporting. To display duplicated content in documents, I added Study and Document number to see which are having same name (duplicated). I have created such report based on this article:


There is one thing that I am getting wrong when I group it by checksum I am also getting value that are unique (Checksum (1)).

Is there any option to filter it? I tried to use filtering but seems I can't use any aggregate functions to hide it.

I would appreciate to give any ideas and tips.

Many thanks,


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    Graham G

    Hi Radoslaw - we don't support the ability to filter on aggregate values yet in Vault reports. There is a planned feature coming this year that will allow you do so though. However, we do allow you to sort by the aggregate value which will allow you to more easily focus on the duplicate checksums.

    Hope that helps.

    Regards, Graham


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    Poonita Parbhakar

    Hi. Can you describe how duplicate documents can be detected accurately in a report?


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    Graham G

    Hi Poonita - to filter on the grouped value you will need to use multi-pass reports. You can created a report view that groups a document report by checksum and includes the document count column. You will then create a multi-pass report type using this view. The report you then create based on this multi-pass report type will allow you to filter by the count field eg count > 1. This will return all the checksums that have duplicates and you can search using them. You may also join the grouped view back to another document view if you want to see document details in the final report.

    Best, Graham

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