Veeva Engage 18R3.1 Release Notification

Veeva is pleased to announce the release of Veeva Engage 18R3.1 scheduled for January 31st, 2019. Less than one minute of downtime is expected; meetings in-progress will not experience an interruption to service. Detailed release notes are now available.


Veeva now offers the following related to Engage Meeting:

  • Engage Meeting Web Client - Voice over IP (VoIP) - HCPs will now be able to join the meeting audio through their browser via VoIP using their computer's microphone and speakers. This feature is limited to the Chrome browser. When VoIP is available, HCPs will be able to choose between dial-in or VoIP. If not available, HCPs will be limited to dial-in.
  • Engage Meeting Web Client - Two-Way Video - HCPs will now see the active speaker's video feed. In addition, they will be able to, optionally, share their own video feed with the other attendees. This feature is available on the Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari browsers. Please see the table of supported browsers for the VoIP and Two-Way Video features below.
  • Engage Meeting Web Client - Localization - The Web Client now supports the complete list of 28 Veeva Supported languages. The list of supported languages is found here.
  • HCP Video Feed Off by Default - When joining a meeting via any Engage HCP app (iOS, Android, or Windows) or the Web Client, the HCP's video feed will be off by default. The HCP will need to explicitly start their video feed. This is a behavior change to ensure HCPs explicitly enable their video feed.
  • Removed Support for Annotate - The Annotation setting is no longer supported for HCPs and for CRM Users. CRM Users will still be able to use the CLM Highlighter Pen and Laser Pointer functionality when sharing CLM content from Veeva CRM on iPad.

Supported Browsers - Web Client Two-Way Video and VoIP

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