Approved Email Fragments

In the documentation there is the need for empty tables expressed:


<!-- If using Email Fragments, must have one empty table that includes this Approved Email token -->



I started to work with BeePro to create mails and tried to upload an email and fragment without the empty table – and it worked. So is the usage of empty tables obsolete?


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    Nishant Bafna Official comment

    Hi Werner,

    BeePro is a different offering from BEE, while we use the BeePlugin feature for integrating BEE in Veeva Vault.

    Email Template and Email Fragments are HTML and it might work without the table tag around the {{insertEmailFragment}} token when creating content outside of Vault but when creating content from BeePlugin in Veeva Vault, the token would be wrapped with table tag. We officially support content with the table tag.



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