Setting the Reason in an Object Audit Trail record

We have a customer that really likes the "Audit Trail" functionality in Veeva Vault especially having the old and new values in the audit trail record. They asked if it is possible to provide a reason for the change. For example, the reason can be "The value changed from 4.5 to 5.4 because of an entry error".

Is it possible to use the reason field of the audittrail object for this purpose? If yes, how can this be accomplished?


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    Graham G

    Hi John - thanks for your question. It is not currently possible to populate this field except through workflows. To confirm the desired behavior, would you want the user to be prompted for a reason each time a field is changed on a record, or perhaps only for specific objects and fields?

    Thanks, Graham

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    John Choo

    Hi Graham, thanks for responding.

    We envision it as a prompt for specific objects and fields.

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