Approved Email for Consent Capture Receipts

It's possible to send a Consent Capture Receipts to the customer. Unfortunately Approved Email currently only allows to include Opt in / Opt out info + signature into this email.
It's not possible to include further consent fields - neither Veeva Standard fields as consent text / disclaimer text nor custom fields.

So email does not reflect the whole Screen a customer did sign.
We need those additional fields on the email.




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    Nishant Bafna Official comment

    Hi Ursula,

    If the customer opts in and opts out for multiple channels, is the expectation to see the consent and disclaimer text for all these channels in the receipt email?

    What other fields, both Veeva and custom, are you wanting to include in the receipt email?



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    Ursula Hillenbrand

    Yes - sure. As well  consent text / disclaimer as our custom fields are on channel Level. So they can be different per channel.
    So we need to see it on channel Level. Regarding the custom fields (zvod_consent* fields -  the field displayed on the consent page with a check box, so that it can be flagged, to which chapter a customer agrees) it's sufficient to display only the "excepted" Content (what is written to the same field on multichannel_consent_vod__c object).

    Veeva fields: Consent Text, Disclaimer Text
    Custom Fields: the ones, that start with zvod_consent


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    Jan-Marcel Kolbe

    Dear Ursula,

    dear Nishant,


    I'm thinking about a AE token *Multichannel Consent line ...* I've used a similar tactic for the MC Consent Landing pages , but for your business-case it should wok in the receipt-template with:




    Inserts Multichannel_Consent_vod records into the Approved Email. The two parameters represent the label of the section headers.

    • Subscribed – Displays all Multichannel Consent records with an Opt_Type_vod of either Opt_In_vod or Opt_In_Pending_vod
    • Unsubscribed – Displays all Multichannel Consent records with an Opt_Type_vod of Opt_Out_vod

    If the parameters are blank, default labels are SUBSCRIBED;;ConsentCapture and UNSUBSCRIBED;;ConsentCapture.


    ... and some custom tokens with


    Expands the markup syntax when the simple tokens are insufficient. Most field types from the Account, User, and Approved_Document_vod objects are available, but restrictions exist as outlined below. We also support the Call object. For CoBrowse invitations, content Admins can reference fields from the Call object in the Email Template. The following are examples from the User and Account objects:

    • {{User.Email}}
    • {{Account.Specialty_1_vod__c}}
    • {{Account.Formatted_Name_vod__c}}
    • {{Call2_vod__c.Cobrowse_URL_Participant_vod__c}}

    Approved Email officially supports the following field types in markup tokens:

    • Formula*
    • Roll-Up Summary* (Account only; formulas not available on User)
    • Check box
    • Currency
    • Date
    • Date/Time
    • Email
    • Number
    • Percent
    • Phone
    • Picklist
    • Text
    • Text Area

    *Certain restrictions apply. See Configuring My Accounts in CRM for iPad for more information.

    ... additionaly the *releationship*- token may help also in your scenario


    When this token is used, Content Admins can reference fields from lookup objects in the Approved Email template.

    For example, Call2_vod__c.Remote_Meeting_vod__r.Host_Link_vod__c


    Hope that helps a little :-) Let's have a Telco on it to discuss more details - Cheers Jan






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