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  • Official comment
    Aaron E


    If MS Word shows a hyperlink on the docx file, then Vault Document Viewer will also have the hyperlink




  • Jim McGough

    In addition to what is defined in Vault Help regarding Clickable Links in Viewable Renditions, the following details might be useful...

    First of all, Vault only supports some embedded link types. All “unsupported” links are either presented as plain text (such as links created in Acrobat or Word to invoke software-specific functions), or as hypertext but with a read-only (non-navigable) “Unsupported Link” tooltip.

    Supported (navigable in Vault viewer) links must meet some or all of the following criteria:

    • Target URL is absolute (full path) and uses a whitelisted protocol (http, https, mailto).
    • Target contains no angle-brackets <  > or square brackets [ ] except when escaped with character encoding.
    • Target URL lacks a protocol but begins “www.”; in that case, Vault pre-pends “http://”.
    • Target is an intra-document link (e.g. to a bookmark within same document).

    Unsupported links include the following:

    • Relative path URL (“../folder/file.doc”)
    • Local file link (“C://My%20Documents/folder/file.doc”)
    • Begins with non-whitelisted protocol (ex: FTP, Sopcast, Telnet) or invalid-format protocol (ex: http: // with space after colon)
    • Lacks a valid protocol and does not begin “www”.
    • Link contains executable content (ex: contains the word “Javascript”)
    • Software-specific link-types (e.g. various Acrobat-specific link types)
  • Arun Prasad

    Thank you  Jim McGough and Aaron E for the response


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