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I have suggestion about the advanced MCCP Filtering, where Bookmarks can be created which has Filter Criteria, restricting Target accounts:

The probem is that this list is static, or fixed. It is not automatically updated. And the question is if it is possible to save criteria selected previously as request  , or is it possible to dynamically update the filter.



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    Michael Goulart Official comment

    Hi Adji,

    Thank you for posting in the Veeva Product Support CRM Product Suggestions Community.  I understand that you are asking for the user to be able to apply filters on MCCP Targets, save that criteria, and then see the results dynamically updated.  Is that correct?

    There are two areas where a user can filter on MCCP Targets:

    • MCCP Targets Tab: the user can tap the filter icon and populate the filter criteria -- the user can then save these results as a List.  This filter criteria is not saved and the List that is created is not dynamically updated.
    • The My Schedule Tab: the user can create and save Filters (previously called Bookmarks in Classic).  These filters can be saved and re-run and the results are dynamic.

    If your question is regarding the first bullet -- we don't currently have plans to make these filters more dynamic as the user can use the filters in the My Schedule.

    If your question is regarding the second bullet -- please file a support ticket so that we can investigate your setup.




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    Adji Djigal

    hi Michael

    Thx for your comment 

    Using scheduler can ben ok for me the only problem is we do not have MCCP target available on the scheduler it would be great if you have 

    1/ document on how to activate MCCP on scheduler 

    2/ document on how to manage filter from scheduler


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    Sherin Varghese

    Hi Adji,

    To find more information on configuring My Schedule Filters for MCCP, see the following in CRM Help. You can find it in the "MCCP Filtering in My Schedule" section of the page.

    If you have further questions specifically around configuration of this feature, feel free to open a support ticket and we'd be happy to help.



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