Difference between Supporting documents and Linked documents

Can anyone tell the difference between Supporting documents and Linked documents


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    Aaron E Official comment

    Hello Arun,

    Vault automatically creates Linked Documents relationships between two documents when one has link annotations that refer to an anchor on another document. Users can also create this Linked Document relationship directly without creating an annotation. 

    Supporting Documents are manually added and have report types available.

    Vault Document Relationships: About Document Relationships


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    Csaba Szamosfalvi

    Hi All,

    regarding this topic, do we have any possibility to modify the type of linked documents, for example, the ones are set as Linked Document should be adjusted as Supporting Documents in the same source document? I'm asking this because one of our clients wants to perform such adjustment as their users confused these types and linked documents together using "Linked Documents" option instead of "Supporting Documents". These should be corrected now.

    Thank you in advance!



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    Aaron E

    Hello Csaba,

    A document's existing relationship's type cannot be changed.

    Document relationships can be added and deleted with Vault Loader that may help you resolve them.

    Vault Loader Documentation: Adding and Deleting Relationships



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