Reporting - different result when draft version exist

We have a report where we list document in a specific status:

Effective, Effective (Witdrawal Approved), Issued (approved status before effective)

When a document controller runs the report, he sees for a specific type/subtype 5 docs in issued status.

When a document user runs the report, he sees for the same specific type/subtype only 2 docs in issued status.

After investigation, the 3 documents, in issued status, that are not displayed have a new minor version.

Why the report behaves like that and does the document user doesn't have the same output result as the document controller?

Seen the filter, the report should behave the same.


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    Aaron E Official comment

    Hello Michel,

    This Help article explains Document results returned based on matching, versions, and access. 

    Vault Search Matching Documentation: Matching Across Document Versions

    If this doesn't fit what you are seeing, let me know and I can generate a support ticket from this post.


    Kind regards,




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    Michel Van Nyvel

    Hello Aaron,

    Thank you for your feedback and documentation information, it helps us to better understand the behavior.

    We are surprised that, in our configuration, the report doesn't provide us the expected result as we thought our users were configured correctly.

    I think a support ticket would help us to get support and guidance from your teams and to figure out where we can improve to get the correct information displayed to the end user.

    Kind regards,


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    Aaron E

    Hello Michel,

    I created the support ticket. You will receive an email with a link to view the status and provide specific example information.


    Thank you,



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