Reminder: Sunrise for Veeva CRM on Windows in 19R1

The Sunrise User Interface (UI) is coming to Veeva CRM on Windows, targeted for the 19R1 release. This aligns all of our offline platforms with the same great user experience and allows users to seamlessly transition between devices without the need for additional training.  
Please see the information below on key information that our customers need to be aware of.
Is there a specific version of Windows 10 that we need to be on? 
Veeva CRM on Windows customers are required to upgrade to Windows 10 Build 16299 (Fall Creators Update, version 1709) in order to install Veeva CRM 19R1.
What does the end user experience when upgrading to Sunrise UI on Windows in 19R1?
With the release of the Windows Sunrise UI, and the upgrade to Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application on Veeva CRM on Windows in 19R1, users will need to install a brand new application. After the Windows Surnise upgrade is released to the orgs, users need to perform a last sync on the classic application in 18R3, install the new application, and perform an initial sync before being able to use Veeva CRM 19R1.
Can customers continue to use 18R3 after 19R1 is released?
Veeva recommends that all customers deploy the new Sunrise Windows application on the day that the upgrade is available to immediately take advantage of the new features and UI introduced in 19R1.  While the 18R3 application will still be available, Veeva will no longer provide updates or bug fixes to that application when 19R1 becomes available.  When real time sync is released in 19R2, users with older versions of Veeva CRM must upgrade to 19R2 in order to sync.

The above information can be found along with additional FAQs here.

The Sunrise Windows Evaluation application is available now for customers.  Instructions to install it are available in our Online Help documentation.

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