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When using Veeva Engage online, once the online meeting is finished, the user ends the zoom meeting, waits for the sync to finish then navigates back to the call report.


Unfortunately the call report does not at this time include the presentation details. The user has to refresh the screen to see the presentation slides shown. If the user just presses save then the presentation slides section is lost.


This is not intuitive for the users. Either the engage player needs to force the refresh or the call report or then presentation details should not be lost when the user presses save.


More Details: Ticket ID: 460321

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    Michael Goulart Official comment

    Hi Minesh,

    Thank you for posting in the CRM Product Suggestions Community.  I agree that the behavior you are describing is not intuitive and is not the intended behavior.  I believe when you say the presentation slide section is lost, you mean that the data is not visible on the page?

    The data (such as Call_Key_Message) that is created by the CRM Engage App is sent up to CRM Online once the Engage Meeting is ended.  That data is available in the CRM objects and should be available as part of the call report UI.

    Thank you for providing your ticket number -- we will followup there directly to investigate the behavior in your environment.



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