Veeva Real Time Sync

  1. Is the real-time architecture support online tasks as triggers, workflows, formula fields, roll-up summary, etc.?
  2. Is this architecture going to work on selected objects or would work on all objects? Would custom objects/tabs be supported on the ipad?


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    Mark Johnson Official comment


    1 - Real-time sync will not change our ability to support triggers, workflows, formula fields, roll-up summaries etc.  This is because Veeva CRM still functions as a completely disconnected application.  It is not a web app where calls are made directly over the network into Salesforce.  So real-time sync will not change our support of these items.  What it will do however is return data more quickly that is created offline.  So for example if you have a formula field that updates another field or creates new data these changes will be reflected back on the record that was saved much much faster than before.  

    2 - All objects, Veeva and Custom will be support with Real-time Sync if there is a configured VMOC for it.


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    Anubhav Parashar

    Thank you so much Mark. This is really helpful. 

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