Territory field length showing in one line in account pagelayout

Territory field length showing in one line in account page layout. Is there any possibility to display in multiple new lines as it is getting difficult to make any calls when the territory field value exceeds a certain limit user needs to drag the account page to right to make any calls or other activity.






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    Arpad Laczkovszki Official comment

    Hi Satyana,

    Depending on the browser you are using, the list of territories in the Salesforce Territories field online might display in the way you indicated on your screenshot, however there is a a functionality in Veeva that allows you to display a link on the Account page that shows Territory information in a more user friendly format. It will not only show you the Territory Names, but also users and territory descriptions for the Account in question.

    Please refer to our online help for more information by following this link, and look for the paragraph 'Displaying Territories on Accounts'.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.



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    Sunny Tran

    Thanks Satya.

    Some popular accounts that are covered by many rep got impacted and it's difficult for users to navigate. Hope Veeva can do something about it.

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