Technical settings on hospital firewall to whitelist engage meetings

Our French reps are using veeva engage meetings with hcps located in hospitals. Some hcps cannot connect to the engage meeting because of the firewall of the hospital that does not allow outbound connection to veeva engage. The veeva website hosting the veeva engage meeting may not be whitelisted. What are the technical settings that firewalls of hospital should specify to allow hcp computers connecting to veeva engage meetings ? Please note that we know the technical prerequisite of the hcp computer, the information is available on the crmhelp veeva website.however, nothing is specified about technical firewall setting to allow veeva engage connection.
Thank you for your response.

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    Sasha Grosman Official comment

    Hi Alain,

    Thank you for your question. We've received a few inquiries about this recently.

    Can you be more specific and describe exactly what the HCPs are experiencing?

    We've seen similar scenarios where HCPs are able to access the Veeva Engage Join page to enter their name. After entering their name and selecting the Join button they are left with a blank page. Is that what the HCP are experiencing with your Reps you as well?

    If this is the case, the likely issue is that their hospital network is preventing access to Zoom servers. Zoom has provided the following article to guide Network Admins on how to configure their networks to enable access to Zoom server.




    Sasha Grosman

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