how to add User Action on document field


how to add User Action on document field (I want to choose a date)?

I want to add action to rule (in User Actions of Approved state). I have only a few options: change state to, web action, workflow etc.).

I would like to choose a change date of document field.


Is this possible?

Thank you,



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    Aaron E Official comment

    Hi Agnieszka,

    User Actions are optional to the user for the configured lifecycle states.

    Does Arun's suggestion provide what you need?

    Vault Lifecycle Documentation: Document Lifecycle Administration



    Kind regards,


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    Arun Prasad

    Hi Agnieszka


    You can do this from Entry Criteria or Entry Actions Tab from the respective State . 


    Set field using formula allows you to change date for your date type .


    Hope this answered your questions 

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    Agnieszka Murias

    Hello Both,


    Thanks for your replies however somehow when setting conditions, If wet-ink status equals Filed, then set for today if a field has no value -  and can't choose appropriate field "wet ink status change date' even it is shared field.


    Best regards,


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    Aaron E

    Hello Agnieszka,

    As long as the field data type is date and the field is used on a document type that uses the lifecycle it should be available in Entry Action --> Perform Actions.

    Are you able to see it after checking these two requirements?





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    Agnieszka Murias

    Thank you Both!! I managed to create respective entry actions and hid the field in the metadata.


    Thanks a lot!


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