Expired state into superseded



When I go to entry actions into EXPIRED state and I set:

Set previous steady state to superseded 
Set new major version


and when I upload the new version of this document and approve, still the previous version is not changing into superseded but stays in expired state.

Is there any additional rule I need to add?

This is crucial for us to have the previous version set up as superseded.


Thank you,



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    Aaron E Official comment

    Hello Agnieszka,


    If you put this entry action on the Expired state, it would set the previous version that is in the lifecycle's steady state (this is often approved or effective) to superseded not the expired version.

    This action is usually on the steady state to update the previous steady state so that there is only one version in the steady state.

    If you had a superseded date field on the document you can set that field with an entry action and create a job to move the status to superseded.

    Vault Job Documentation: Configuring Job Definitions



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    Agnieszka Murias

    hello Aaron,


    Thank you for the hint, however, we don't have superseded date field and this is not desired. We have this state as automated when filing a new version. So now I scheduled job "move expired--> superseded" and now all expired change the state into superseded. But is an easy way to set up a workflow that when I create a new version on an expired doc, it changes from expired into superseded automatically?

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