Display additional document attributes in TMF Viewer

The TMF Viewer is a helpful tool for team members (especially monitors) to see TMF documents at a specific level. However, it seems like It would be even more helpful if the TMF viewer could display additional document attributes, for example 'title', so that monitors can see the additional information about the listed documents without having to use the hovercards. 

Would it be possible to make enhancements to this tool so that the TMF viewer can

- display the document name AND title (or any other attribute)
- filter the document lists within the TMF viewer by date created, or any other attribute
- can the TMF viewer document levels be merged (ie: show all artifacts for study, country, site, regarless of level filed).

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    Vincent Tuminelli

    Hi Eugenia,

    I am a Product Manager on the Vault Clinical product team. Thank you for your enhancement suggestions, we really appreciate it!

    We are hearing more requests like the ones you have mentioned here and are currently considering implementing enhancements such as these to the TMF Viewer.

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