User Managed Groups left when user made inactive


When making user inactive in system, I see System Managed Groups is removed under Groups but User Managed Groups stays, is there any implications caused by that? Should user be removed from added groups if left? Is there any way to automatically remove it?


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    Jean Christophe Meriaux Official comment

    Hi Radoslaw,

    I am not aware of special implications or caveats. You can leave an inactive user assigned to a group, 

    There is no automated way to remove inactive users from user managed groups. So if you want for some specific reason to remove inactive users from assigned group, It has to be done using the UI or bulk API.  

    Using the Vault Reporting capability you can create a report listing groups having one or more inactive users. Then by clicking the group names on the report out you can directly drill to the group detail page and remove the inactive users in the "Members" tab.


    Jean-Christophe Meriaux - Vault Platform product management

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