Has anyone integrated Vault QMS with a LIMS?

We are exploring the possibility of an integration between LabVantage LIMS and QMS.  The objective is to trigger an Investigation record whenever an OOS/OOT event is identified in the LIMS.  We'd also like to be able to manually initiate an Investigation from within the LIMS as well.  I'm wondering if anyone in the community has experience doing this and what the outcome was like.


John Farrell

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    Salma A

    Hello John,

    I spoke to your CSM Sapan Modi and he confirmed that he reached out to you directly to assist with this going forward. He is also in communication with the Product Manager to see if a LabVantage LIMS to QMS integration is possible. With that, I'm going to close this ticket as addressed since the Support Team's assistance is not required.

    Thank you,

    Salma A

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