CLM on iOS: WKWebView Evaluation Version Release Date

Veeva previously delayed the release of the iOS WKWebView evaluation version due to Apple’s increased security policies in WKWebView that prevented loading local files. We have now resolved this issue without needing to modify existing CLM content and this resolution will be included in both the WKWebView evaluation version and the Veeva CRM 19R1 General Release.

We recommend customers and their agencies review all CLM content using the WKWebView evaluation version which will be available on March 22, 2019.

Instructions on how to install and use this evaluation version will be posted to the community portal once it is released.


Background on why the WKWebView Evaluation Version exists

With the release of iOS 12, Apple officially deprecated UIWebView: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/uikit/uiwebview

Veeva CRM on iPad currently uses UIWebView as the default rendering engine to display CLM content. Support for UIWebView will be removed from iOS by Apple at a future date; we will not know the timeframe for this until Apple releases an official announcement. At this time, all CLM content should be migrated to use WKWebView which Veeva introduced configurable support for with the release of iOS 10. To manually enable WKWebView for key messages, please see http://vaulthelp.vod309.com/wordpress/applications/promotional-materials-edition/using-clm-integration/ for Vault CLM content, and https://crmhelp.veeva.com/doc/Content/CRM_topics/Multichannel/CLM/CLM_Interactive_Media/AdvPlayerConfig.htm#WKWebVie for non-Vault CLM content.

The transition from UIWebView to WKWebView may cause content to render differently than expected. Customers must evaluate and, if necessary, fix content rendering issues on WKWebView. Once UIWebView is officially removed by Apple, all CLM content will use WKWebView by default.

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